At JSL International and as embedded in our Operational Excellence Charter maintaining and adhering to “Robust QHSE Management Systems” is an essential component of obtaining our strategic objective of market dominance. As such HSE is seamlessly integrated in all that we do and is considered equal to cost and quality in every aspect of our operations.

Commitment to HSE at all levels in the organization. HSE is a core value and there is a commitment from top management to the operational personnel to create an environment free of accidents and incidents.

HSE is treated as an investment rather than a cost. Investment in HSE is viewed as a means of improving the performance of the organization. HSE is part of the budget development process and is funded accordingly.

HSE is part of continuous improvement. HSE is integrated into the management system of the organization. Resources and time are set aside to ensure that the organization can identify weaknesses and develop a strategy to resolve and strengthen safety performance.

Training and information is provided for everyone. Staff who are provided with regular information about safety and health are more likely to be mindful of safety and health issues and the ways in which their actions can affect themselves and others. Posters, warning signs and policies are not enough. Safety and health discussions and information distribution is built into all aspects of the work process. Staff who are properly trained in their jobs and are aw -are of the hazards associated with the role they do are less likely to suffer or cause injury. Training is ongoing throughout an individual’s time with the organization.

A system for workplace analysis and hazard prevention and control is in place.

The environment that people work in is blame free. Everyone in the organization is encouraged to realize that incidents are worth reporting and feels comfortable in correcting unsafe practice across, down and up the hierarchy. Holding people at all levels accountable for safety embraces best practice and fosters a safer working environment.

The organization celebrates success Recognition, rewards, incentives, reinforcement and feedback are important. A good safety culture makes it worthwhile for everyone to maintain a state of mindfulness by celebrating success, whether big or small.

Promoting Health and Wellness: JSL offers several health benefits to its employees, including comprehensive medical insurance for workers and their families; access to health protection (e.g. vaccination); health promotion, pre-employment and periodic medical examinations.

JSL international’s HSE cycle

Overview of HSE Management System at JSL International


In order to achieve and sustain our vision of “market dominance” for 2017 and beyond JSL International is compelled to not only meet but exceed HSE client, systems and legal requirements. The following are the general 2017/18 HSE goal and target categories which JSL intends to focus on:


  • Measurable improvement in workplace safety and risk control, ensuring that JSL is the safest support service company to work for
  • Measurable Improvement in worker health management thereby reducing the number of medical evacuation cases
  • Measurable improvement in HSE service delivery including both operational performance and client experience
  • Investing in technology and systems that enable current and future service delivery