Who We Are – Our Pursuit for Operational Excellence

Established in 2008 The JSL International “Group of Companies” currently operates in over 12 countries with our Corporate Headquarters located in Houston, Texas, USA.  Our supporting operations includes Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Grenada, Suriname, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia.

By 2017; the JSL International “Group of Companies” shall establish 100% Market Domination in all of the regions that we operate by offering its Unparalleled Single Point of Contact Model for Logistical and Project Support Services to the Upstream Energy Sector.

Our Core Purpose

“To minimize the logistical, project support, administrative and coordinating challenges that are faced by organizations seeking to enter and establish major oil and gas operations within the Caribbean, North, Latin and the South American Region”.

The JSL International “Group of Companies” continues to successfully minimize these challenges to our clients who leverage on our unparalleled unique selling point: Our “Single Point of Contact” service offering for their Logistical and Project Support Service requirements. This enables our clients and by extension THEIR clients to focus on their core business.

We pride ourselves as being creative rather than competitive.

We are not vendors but Partners with our clients are aligned towards their Strategic Objectives and Core Values.

Through sound governance, we have laid the foundation for being responsible corporate citizens and have entrenched in our operations, robust Q.H.S.E. and other management systems to instil confidence along the supply chain as well as demonstrate to our stakeholders, unwavering commitment to, not only the quality of our end products and services but, the processes we employ in their delivery.

Our Services

Includes but is not limited to

  1. Manpower Planning and Resourcing and Supply
  2. Catering Services;
  3. Shore Base Logistics
  4. Technical Project Mobilization and Support
  5. Third Party Services;
  6. Entry Strategy Services;
  7. Husbandry
  8. Other complementary services

Our Performance

As testimony to our success and our stakeholders confidence in us, the JSL International “Group of Companies” has grown from a staff base of 15 to over 1,000 employees worldwide and our customer base and reputation continues to grow and strengthen on a yearly basis.

We have proudly supported over 45 major oil and gas operations worldwide comprising of:

  1. Drillships;
  2. Semi-Submersible Drilling Rigs;
  3. Jack-up Drilling Rigs;
  4. Production Platforms;

Corporate Social Responsibility – Philosophy

JSL International espouses that our Corporate interests should not harm, but strengthen our communities and the environment.  We recognize that our responsibility to society stretches beyond legal requirements and advocate that we are as accountable to our employees, communities and the environment, as we are to our shareholders.

Financial performance is not our only goal.

For JSL International, we recognize and appreciate the value of social accountability to our long-term sustainability.  We position and pride ourselves as an organization that goes beyond compliance in fulfilling this duty and continue to develop our strategies to promote diversity, equality and fairness.

Our Operating Principles

JSL’s motto is simply to “Deliver with Distinction” to delight our customers: Internally and externally.

To do this we recognize we have to constantly anticipate our clients and stakeholders requirements and relentlessly engage in market intelligence and seek ongoing feedback in an effort to continually evolve and secure long term sustainability. We are creators not competitors.

We have moved from managing our suppliers and staff to engaging with themin an inclusive environment that fosters honest, open communication, participation and dialogue.  In doing so we have established mutually beneficial, sustainable and trusting relationships that redounds to the benefit of all.

Our People

Our staff is powered by passion in pursuit of excellence: who we are, what we do, what we stand for but more so how we do what we do. Creativity and innovation are pastimes of our people as they constantly find new ways to “Do better today than they did yesterday”.


JSL International was officially crowned by the Employer’s Consultative Association of Trinidad and Tobago; the Champion Employer of the Year 2017